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about us

Beginning of the History

Established in 1983 in Taiwan, Today, Lin’s Ceramics Studio is a brand name for tea wares as well as the symbol of the pioneer in tea craft and culture.

Lin’s Ceramics Studio chose “tea” as its brand name and target because of the broad and profound cultural implications.

Starting from make a small pot, it has now become an innovative brand name in tea wares in Great China. The classic kettle set has become an essential ware for teahouses as well as an important element in tea culture. In addition, Lin’s Ceramics Studio was also a sponsor of the Tea Serving Presentation in Taiwan Pavilion Expo 2010 Shanghai China.


In Lin’s Ceramics Studio, we believes in “creating every piece of work with artistic mood, professional know-how and practical consideration”, and utilizes different materials to bring out the unique characteristics of each tea to allow its audience to experience the subtle differences between degrees of fermentation.

The shapes and forms of the wares are designed with contemporary aesthetics of simplicity. With simple elegance, their forms articulate the heritage of legacy and profound cultural roots.

Our Value

Bring Tea into Life with Design, will bring their traditional Oriental aesthetics in line with the fashion. Through innovative interpretations of traditional tea utensils with brand-new styles, their idea of bringing tea to life will inspire a sublime interaction between Oriental tea culture and Western design aesthetics.

Lin’s Ceramics Studio expect to play the role of the tea culture of innovation pilot, present you the cultural connotations of the works and to experience this innovation of tea culture and ingenious design.

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