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A Good Pot Makes Good Tea


Concept of the Spirit

According to the degree of fermentation,tea can be categorized into three main categories: lightly fermented and non-fermented tea, partially fermented or semi-fermented tea, as well as heavily fermented and fully fermented tea. To taste their best, these three types should be brewed at different temperatures : low, medium, andhigh, respectively. Achieving the proper brewing temperature requires the additional step of understanding a teapot’s particular thermal qualities.After 20 years of crafting fine tea-ware and a lifetime of drinking tea, we have found that these three main types of tea and their corresponding brewing temperatures are best matched by porcelain, pottery (earthenware), and our unique‘Purion’teapots. The results can be tasted in every cup: the right teapot makes the best tea!



ntegrates the stability and elegance of traditional wares with modern
Partly fermented and semi-fermented teas

Oolong tea, whose color is light yellow and mellow (such as Dong-ding oolong) needs to be brewed in teapots with lower heat conductivity.Our Pottery Series is ideal for these large leafed oolongs, they are roomy but not too big, allowing the leaves to fully open and brew a smooth and richly fragrant tea.



After the rain, the sun shines through the clouds.All the colors are well captured on this piece of Porcelain.
Lightly fermented and non-fermented tea

Green teas such as Longjing, Mao-feng; as well as scented teas like Jasmine Pearls; and the famous high-mountain oolongs from Taiwan--Bao-zhong and Ali Shan, are light in color and have subtle, floral aromas, these are best brewed in teapots with high heat conductivity. For best taste, the Porcelain Series is highly recommended. High in heat conductivity, it results in tea that is light green in color, deliciously sweet and smooth with no bitterness.



The wonderful charm of our Purion wares comes from their rustic nature
Heavily fired and fully fermented teas

Traditional Tie Guan Yin, black teas such as Keemun, Yunnan, and Lapsang Souchong, dark roasted teas(Da Hong Pao), aged and heavily fired oolongs (lao cha); and Yunnan's famous Pu-erh. Rich and mellow, these teas are best brewed in porous teapots with low heat conductivity. Purion Series Tea Sets are low in heat conductivity and brew a mellow and rich-tasting tea.