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Taste For Life


It is nice to have visitors! Come and have a cup of tea at my place!

Treat some friends you have not seen for a while to enjoy good tea. Relax in a comfortable place, put the kettle on and brew a nice pot of tea. Chat with them by the stove. Sip the tea in serenity. Experience the closeness that only tea can bring...

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Chat with some friends. Have you caught up with the fad from the East? Spend some leisure time with your friends. Share tea and conversation together in a heart to heart chat.

Spa & Yoga

Let’s Yoga

Relax your senses. Relax your body and mind. After a yoga, be sure to make yourself a cup of good tea. It is refreshing and will extend your sense of well being

Outdoors & Soho


No matter where you go… Mountaineering, at the seaside, boating, hiking, traveling abroad… Be sure to bring your favorite tea and tea-ware along with you when traveling.



You, Tired from a long workday? Have a cup of tea. Take a break. And get ready to be on the go again.