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  • 老岩泥三式燒水壺組(酒精燈爐座) 老岩泥三式燒水壺組(酒精燈爐座)


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Unadjustable Stove (Glass Alcohol Lamp)

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The Purion kettle’s round body is voluminous and features a slightly arched high neck for easy pouring. The porous or wooden lid knob facilitates heat dissipation and prevents accidental scalding.
Made with a special blend of clays and fired at about 1250℃, this kettle brings out the quality in water, and can be used on an electric ceramic hob, charcoal burner, gas stove, or alcohol burner.
Having undergone modifications and improvements according to the different needs of different times, Lin Ceramic’s water kettle has a shape both classic and trendy, making it the best representation of the tea ceremony so far. 

  1. This product is suitable for use on an electric ceramic hob, charcoal burner, gas stove, or alcohol burner.
  2. Although the product has a high heat tolerance, to prevent any damage to the kettle, please do not heat it without water inside.
  3. While Purion naturally brings out the fragrance and sweetness of tea, those kettles with glaze on the inside keep the tea flavor smooth. Pick your desired kettle based on the tea’s characteristics, or on personal taste.
  4. Kettles that are unglazed on the inside have dense fine pores; continual soaking in tea will smoothen out the surface. If the kettle leaves moisture on the table surface during use, it is because water vapor is naturally passing through the pores. Placing a tablemat or coaster under the kettle will keep the table dry.

Purion Kettle III & Unadjustable Stove
Product Number:W03J00300
Specification:Kettle III 198*w169*h116 / 600g / 1450c.c.
            Unadjustable Stove 173*173*117 / 650g
            Glass Alcohol Lamp*1
Purion Kettle III
Product Number:A03I30000
Specification:198*w169*h116 / 600g / 1450c.c.

Purion Stove III
Product Number:A03I30000
Specification:173*173*117 / 650g

燒水壺:198x169x116mm / 1500c.c / 600g
爐座:173x173x117mm / 650g
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